Segway tour in Zalakaros

Segway tour in Zalakaros: environmental friendly way of cruising!

It is the first self balancing vehicle which is planned for taking you anywhere you want to go. It gives the opportunity for you to run faster and faster and it will be very amusing for you.

Our office is open the whole year! Our trips start any day of the week, for groups of min. 2 persons, but you should call us to make an appointment with us.

Segway is fantastic because it can stand in vertical position when you lean forward although it has only two wheels. Lots of technological interesting things have been compressed into that equipment which is functioning without gas or brake; it is directed only with body language.

For Segway mean extreme lies of the land no barriers, it stands the dusty, mound or muddy environment of forests and also the gradients represent also no problem for Segway.

And what sightseeing does Zalakaros and its surrounding offer?

First station of our shorter tour is the belvedere in Zalakaros where we can see the Kis-Balaton and Balaton Uplands from. We can go forward next to Park-forest in Zalakaros between grape plantation and vine cellars.

If we are adventurous we can undertake a 5 hours long, romantic wandering to the Buffalo Reserve in Kápolnapuszta.

There is no need to have a driving license or driving routine to use Segway. We have only to lean forward and back, rights or left and direct the equipment. Segway can be used from the age of 10 and the allowed weight is between 40kg to 110 kg!

Our tours:

1. Zalakaros-tour: (for beginners)

Duration: ca. 1 ½ hours

Length: 11km

Price: 9999 HUF/person

(children under age of 10 are not allowed to take part in the tour, maximum weight is 110 kg)

Short description: getting acquainted with Zalakaros combining with such parts which are not thought by the habitants of Zalakaros every day. Wonderful panorama, active relaxing time, photo making on the belvedere; wandering, cruising between grape plantations.

2. Bányavölgyi-tour: (for intermediate level)

Duration: ca. 2 hours

Length: 15km

Price: 12 499 HUF/person

(children under age of 14 are not allowed to take part in the tour, maximum weight is 110 kg)
Short description: during the tour we can get acquainted with Zalakaros although we do not neglect the off road parts as well. After the belvedere we go forward to Galambok and we have our adventure across Bányavölgy ditch (across creek, field, and meadow)

We start individual tours (from 4 people) if there is a demand for it.

Starting hours: after registration, application

Address: H- 8749 Zalakaros, Bodahegyi str 1. (opposite to Szilágyi confectionery)

Phone: +36 30 4141 001, E-mail: